Vérification, surveillance attentive. Maîtrise, garder la commande de quelque chose.
Exactitude stricte ; netteté rigoureuse. Exactitude dans l’action ; détermination stricte.
Déplacement, changement de position. Variation de la quantité.

Our Team

Précision Motion & Contrôle Inc. engineers and technicians have a simple goal: to provide the technical solution or service that best meets customer requirements in terms of cost, time and quality. 

Project managers

with their strong technical knowledge, they will innovate and offer unique solutions to meet your needs of custom automated machinery.

Our technicians

with the experience gained in recent years on projects in various technologies, they assemble your personalised machines on site and ensure that your operators and technicians are trained to better optimize your production.

Research department

both in Mechanical and in Automation, our team is composed of professionals with experience in both manufacturing and production. These skills allow them to design reliable, robust machines (simple, with reduced cost and easy maintenance), while meeting the needs required by important volumes.